Yes, I am indeed a UX researcher. I possess an MFA in Experience Design from Miami University. My thesis may be found here if you are interested in my graduate work. My primary research focus has been on the attachment people have to physical objects over the digital equivalents. A shorter public research report may be found here.

I am also an illustrator. I have worked on licenses such as The Simpsons, WCW Wrestling, Looney Tunes, Converse, Dilbert, Futurama, and more.

And yes, I am a designer as well. Much of my experience has been focused between the automotive industry, educational materials, and licensed properties.

I teach! I have an extensive history teaching graphic design, illustration, and photography at the post-secondary level.

Please take a few minutes to scan over the materials on this site. I am very proud of all my work. Thank you for your time.




   Samurai Geisha

Samurai Geisha

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